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Skill NameSkill IconSkill Icon 2Skill HitsSkill MP CostSkill Power LevelSkill RankSmirk EffectSkill TargetSkill Unique CostSkill Comment
5.67 Billion Hands150Weak0Increased AttackAll41 
Acid Breath 65 17 Foes Rakunda and Sukunda once
Adaptive Tactics 36 0 Self36Changes weakness when weakness is struck
Agi15Weak1 Single  
Agidyne120Heavy19 Single  
Agilao110Medium7 Single  
Akasha Arts130Severe31Phys PierceSingle  
Alluring Banter 36 0 Single3670% Charm and maximize rakunda
Ally Counter 0 15 Self Chance of countering with weak normal attack for ally
Ally Retaliate 0 23 Self Chance of countering with heavy normal attack for ally
Almighty Pleroma 0 30 Self Boosts almighty attack by 25%
Amrita 20 23 Ally Cures all ailments
Andalucia4~1220Heavy0 Multi12 
Attack Knowhow 0 7 Self Demon with this skill can use attack items in battle
Axel Claw1~312Medium13 Multi  
Babylon Goblet170Medium0 All5225% Panic
Bad Company 15 6 Party Summons highest level demons from the stock
Beastly Reaction 0 8 Self Increases accuracy and evasion
Berserker God113Heavy21 Single  
Bind Voice 20 10 All 45% Bind
Binding Claw111Medium3 Single 35% Bind
Blade of Terror1~535Heavy0 Multi2370% Panic
Blank Bullet222Medium0 All1660% Panic
Blast Arrow119Medium17 All  
Blight118Weak10 All 60% Poison
Blink of Death130Heavy0Fatal ChanceSingle23Rakunda
Blood Ritual 25 21 Self Luster Candy to self by 1 level, reduces HP to 1
Bloody Glee 0 17 Self Increases critical chance
Bouncing Claw1~34Weak3 Single  
Breath1~524Medium0 Multi18 
Bufu15Weak1 Single  
Bufudyne120Heavy19 Single  
Bufula110Medium7 Single  
Chakra Walk 0 13 Self Recovers MP gradually while moving
Charge 9 15 Self Boosts damage of next physical or gun attack by 150%
Chariot160Medium0 All48Sukunda
Cold World170Heavy27 All 15% instant death
Combat Tara 60 0 Party38All 4 -kaja skills once
Concentrate 11 23 Self Boosts damage of next magical attack by 150%
Cough 4 2 Single 90% Sick
Counter 0 6 Self Chance of countering with weak normal attack
Critical Eye 11 17 Self Guaruntees critical hit for next physical or gun attack
Critical Wave112Weak5 All High critical, low accuracy
Damascus Claw1~37Medium7 Single  
Dance of Mara 20 0 All1570% Charm
Dark Grudge130Heavy0Fatal ChanceSingle20 
Dark Pierce 0 31 Self All dark attacks can pierce through drain, repel, null and resist attributes
Dark Pleroma 0 16 Self Boosts dark attack by 25%
Dark Sword216Medium21 Single 70% Mute